The Starting Line

I’ve wanted to start a blog for a while now, so this year my New Year’s Resolution was to quit making excuses and do it.  The main problem has always been that I didn’t have a solid enough idea that inspired me to write about it more than once or had enough of a variety of topics to cover.  After being inspired by many different people and ideas, I have finally been able to come up with a DIY Trash to Treasure project blog. I hope that this blog will give me a chance to express my passion for writing, express myself, and inspire other people to make a change.

This blog will mostly be a Trash to Treasure DIY site where I take what I’ve found while dumpster diving and turn it back into something that can be reused. I’ll show pictures and have step-by-step instructions on how to do it and where I found the materials. Whatever I can find, but can’t re-purpose, I’ll recycle at my city’s recycling plant. I also plan to use things I can find at thrift stores or flea markets. The main point is that I won’t buy anything new from the store.

My first inspiration came from an environmental science teacher I had during a semester of college. He talked so passionately about the environment and he got me thinking of a way to help the cause in my own way. As creativity is not really my strong suit, I decided that encouraging my family and other people I know to recycle was going to be my big idea. A couple of weeks later I walked into a hippie/boho type store and I saw these picture frames that had been recycled and they had different trash things glued to them, like bottle caps, that gave it a different and interesting new look.  That gave me the idea to start upcycling or taking the recycled product and give it a new life and purpose. Upcycling isn’t a new idea, but you can never have too many ideas and the environment needs all the help it can get. I used recycled items from my own trash for a while, but there’s only so many things that you can make out of everyday items. I did some research and I learned about dumpster diving.

It was a long process and has a diversity of inspirations, but that is the inspiration behind my blog.  I don’t have very much experience in the environmental area, but I hope that myself as a blogger and you as a follower will be able to grow in the subject together.

Along with the DIY projects, I will probably be including some opinionated posts (Warning: I have some strong opinions and they are not always popular or appreciated) and epiphanies.  Although Dumpster Diving has a lot to do with helping the environment, it also has to do with consumerism. Consumerism has become somewhat of an epidemic in America and other parts of the world. Everything from corporate greed and extreme couponers,  to those crazy people who spoil their kids with the latest gadgets and electronics and who pepper spray people because they just have to have the latest things that will make their kids brattier than ever, can all be solved by appreciating what we already have instead of making more waste.

These are my inspirations for this blog and I hope that we can learn together and inspire others to make a change.


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