Good, Better, or Best.

So my grandma sent me a whole box of stuff yesterday, all of which I’m very excited about even though I don’t know what I’m going to do with most of it. I was kind of like a late Christmas morning. You know, I’m very surprised about how supportive my family is being about this whole dumpster diving thing. I told my mom about the whole upcycling thing and she just jumped right on board. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later, at our family’s Christmas gathering that I came up with the dumpster diving thing and that was because I had a problem. There are only so many things that I can make out of the trash that I have at home. I had to find a more varied selection of materials. But even then, I thought people would think I had gone mad, but my aunt Chelle, my mom, my dad a little too, just jumped right on board. We went dumpster diving the next day (I think my next post will be about my first dumpster diving experience). My grandma, my other aunt, uncle and cousin didn’t go, but they weren’t judgmental or anything. I was very impressed with everyone’s openness because since then I’ve told many people about my new found hobby and I would say they’re a little less than thrilled. But now people are sending me stuff. I’m pretty excited.  And even now, my family is supporting me when I tell them about my ideas or show them pictures of the stuff I’ve made even when it looks awful. My mom is always helping me get different things like pop tabs and what nots from other people. She’s even been with me dumpster diving several times and she went shopping with me at thrift stores, too. My dad always asks people if I can have stuff when I’m too embarrassed to. When I very first started and I was too embarrassed to ask the restaurants if I could have their used wine corks and bottle caps because I thought they would think I was absolutely nuts, he went into all our local restaurants and asked if they would save them for me.  The whole going out on limb thing is still pretty hard for me, but I’ve gotten over most of it.

Bottom line, I’ve been incredibly blessed with a great family and I must say that it’s made the process a lot easier.


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