First time’s the charm

My first experience dumpster diving was the weekend before Christmas when I finally came to the notion that maybe dumpster diving would give me the means to make my crafts with.

My great-aunt, my mom and dad came with me and we went to some university apartments. My aunt, uncle, cousin and grandma did not join in our adventure and I must say that they missed out.

My mom had always said that my great-aunt was awesome, but I never spent much time with her. I had always thought she was awesome because she had a dog and I loved her dog, but other than that, I can only think of handful of occasions when we’ve spent time together. Anyways, my mom said they always had the best time when they were kids and she was always gung-ho and up for anything.  Turns out, like always, my mom was right.

During our first trip, we found a copier/printer/scanner, some wood, a broken floor lamp, some metal pipes, pop tabs/cans, a pillow and comforter that we took to the homeless shelter. In the trash we saw lots of food, boxes, one of those cushy, foam bed things, more wood and etc. We would have taken the cushy bed thing, but it was kind of dirty and we didn’t have the room in our car. We actually found more awesome stuff that we could have taken, but we didn’t have room for it in car and although we could shove some more stuff in, but we had to drive two hours and no one wants to do that with stuff piled on our laps to the ceiling.

So anyways, that was the great adventure we had on the first go round. Not to mention, the great attitudes we got from the people who saw us. Dumpster diving is not the most popular sport in America. I find it fascinating because we just waste so much money to have the latest thing when the old thing works just fine. What’s worse is that we throw it away instead of giving it to someone who could use it or recycle it. I find  when in the right time and place, dumpster diving is super fun and productive.

Of course, I have yet to find anything as valuable as the scanner/copier/printer. Mostly I find the trash that I’ll turn into crafts which is valuable to me, but not to too many other people.


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