I have completely given up on trying to learn in statistics class. It’s so chaotic. Everyone is asking questions or trying to answer them and my teacher doesn’t explain things very well. I’ve had a lot of bad math teachers, so fortunately I have been able to adapt and learned to teach myself. What’s sad is I have more blog posts written in this notebook then notes for this class. Anyways, yesterday I went dumpster diving. Twice. The first time I was looking for plastic spoons in Cherry Berry’s outside trash can for a set of projects I’m going to be working on for the next month or so. The main reason I picked Cherry Berry was because they had a trash can right outside their door and it’s pretty small, so I can find what I want pretty easily. I have found that a lot of people use plastic cutlery. It’s annoying that people’s laziness is what is destroying our planet. People waste money to get the gas to then waste more money to buy plasticware, just so they don’t have wash a couple of dishes. Convenience is picked above all else. The cheapest silverware set was a set to serve four people and it was 16 dollars. 100 Great Value plastic spoons were $2.68. If you had four people, you could start saving money in approximately 75 days and you could save your great-grand kids a whole lot more. Bottom line, buy some silverware, it last quite a bit longer.

I can’t force people care, but I can give them the facts and show people what they can do besides throw them away.

The second time I went dumpster diving was in the privacy of my own back yard. Now, it’s possible that what I did crossed the line into crazytown, but that’s okay because I think people who throw away a brand new pair of shoes are crazy too. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.

Anyways, our neighbor is moving out. As everyone who has ever moved some time in their life knows, anything that we can spare gets thrown away. So my mom and I wheeled their dumpster to our backyard and started going through it. This is our destination into crazytown. We found a pottery wheel, a brand new pair of shoes, a pair of kid’s shoes, one of fake fancy purse things (I don’t pay attention to fashion, but I know those super expensive brands have replicas that will sell for cheaper), the purse had like 15 cents in it too, a plastic train set, water color paints, some blankets, bottle lids and some boxes. It had other stuff, but those are what I kept. The purse, shoes and blankets will be donated and the pottery wheel I’ll probably take apart or donate.


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