Mod Podge Frame

All book lovers, who are probably appalled that any one would tear up a book, I come in peace. I love books too and I would never tear one up that wasn’t already ruined. The books I used in this project had water damage and were hardly readable.

Mod podge is an extremely popular method of updating something old into something that reflects you and your style. It seems well known through out the DIY community, but since I’m not a life long DIYer, I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing at first. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t really warrant a tutorial, but I decided to write it anyways, just in case there are any more people like me out there wanting to give it a try. You can pretty much mod podge anything with any kind of paper material. Anyways, have fun!

Things you’ll need:

Plenty of paper materials

Frame (or anything else you want to mod podge)

Mod Podge- can find it at any craft store

A Brush or Sponge

Want more ideas? Check out my DIY page.


2 responses to “Mod Podge Frame

  1. This is a great idea! I work in a place that gets a lot of Advance Reader’s Copies, which means that they’re not the finished, published book, especially children’s books, which are in various stages of un-readability (picture books without the illustrations, etc.) I think I may pick up a can of Mod Podge (oh, reminiscences of childhood crafting!) and use those ARCs and these instructions when I come across a yard sale/garbage frame I don’t terribly like.

    • Thank you! And you can pretty much mod podge anything. I’ve seen desks and furniture and what nots covered in comic books and stuff. (Which is what I will do when I get my own house.) People responded pretty well to this article. I almost didn’t post it because I thought it might be too simple of an idea, but I sure am glad I did. Thanks for the support.

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