So…yesterday, I got an abundance of spoons. I found my new favorite stash.

It was just a normal day, I had just gotten out of class which means my next stop was Cherry Berry. I had to wait for a couple of people to go away, so I could get to the trash mostly unseen.  Once I got there, I realized something. There were not any spoons. There were three green spoons which I got, but they weren’t the kind I need now. There are two types of Cherry Berry spoons. The green ones which are thicker and therefore not the kind that will work for this project or the pink ones which are still thicker than your average plastic spoons. For my current project, I need the pink ones.

I had already made up my mind to get 17 pink spoons and once I make up my mind, there is no going back. Cherry Berry is in this strip mall type of a place and I knew in the alley way behind all the stores would be their trash, so slowly and apprehensively I drove to the back to see what was there.

I saw boxes everywhere and shipping pallets, small dumpsters (perfect for diving), huge dumpsters (not so perfect for diving) and I saw medium dumpsters (okay for diving). I saw all dumpsters and assessed them as quickly as I could. Then I saw these cut little trash bags filled with spoons and cups and lots of wasted frozen yogurt. I finished driving to the end of the stores because I thought I was going to come back later and get them, but there was no exit so I had to turn around and drive by the spoons again.

I stopped by them, I heard them calling. I knew I had to get those spoons. I came to get spoons and by golly I was going to get them. I quickly thought threw my options. I could either dig through the trash there and risk being caught or I could take the trash with me and risk getting all over my car and also risk being caught. I chose the latter. Luckily, I had a trash bag from my last trip to the recycle center, so it in there. Then I drove away. It was quite intense

My mom said she was surprised that I did that. I’m not sure why. It was easier than digging in the in front of the store. It was probably a little riskier because I could have been caught without an excuse like ‘I dropped my cell phone in here’ or something. But no one was around and unless someone came out one of the store doors, no one would even know I had been there.  My biggest fear is still getting caught. I would be a lot more productive if I didn’t have that fear, but I’m working on that.

So yes, I got my 17 spoons and a lot more.  Was it scary? Yeah. Do I feel a little crazy? Yep. Does my car still smell like Cherry Berry?…welllll… Was it totally worth it? Absolutely.

More than crazy, I feel like a drug junkie. You know the kind that do whatever it takes to get their stuff. I’m so addicted to the process that I’ll do whatever it takes to get it.

But then there is the haunting image of the trash that I saw. I couldn’t possibly use it all, not for the reason that I couldn’t find something to do with it, but because I simply don’t have the time. It’s overwhelmingly frustrating because I could take a whole semi truck full and it wouldn’t even make a dent. I could find a way to take it all, but then it would just be there again tomorrow. All those wasted boxes, clothes, electronics just ruining our land. We waste so many resources to even get the stuff then we just throw it away. I don’t understand why those places can’t recycle those boxes at least. I understand why businesses won’t give their stuff away for free. Even if it’s selfish, I still understand. I don’t understand why they can’t recycle. It’s so irresponsible. America is so irresponsible. Anyways, thanks for reading and happy diving.


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