Americans, at least, seem to have an interesting, consumer driven, commercialized point of view.

As soon as I started reading about dumpster diving and freegans, it came to me that as a child and younger teen, I thought it was fun, exciting to buy stuff. It still is. When I need anything, even as simple as a notebook. I would rather go out and buy one then to use one that I already at home. I started to ask myself, why I thought that was. Maybe it goes back as far as kindergarten. When I was a kid, the only thing I like about school was being able to get new school supplies. You know, new pencils, cute folders, personalized rulers. (Even now, I still love school and office supplies. I really have no idea why, but sometimes I’ll just walk to that section of the store for no reason at all.) Buying school supplies was the only good thing about  going back to school. I think that still sticks with me. There is just something exciting about having something new. I think that other people have that same mentality. We may have plenty of dresses acceptable for our friend’s wedding, but to buy a new dress is more exciting, or maybe it gives us confidence, or buying something new signifies how special the occasion is. Men seem to do this too, hopefully not with dresses, but other things. Maybe different people have different reasons for it.

I read an article written by a lady who tried to have a trash less birthday party for her son. She used reusable containers for her food, which she made from scratch just to try and use less waste, reusable cutlery, table clothes, e-mailed the invitations, brought her own party decorations so she reduce waste even though the place she had the party was willing to provide the. She did all this stuff, then she even asked the guests to bring trash less gift wrappings and reusable food containers if they brought them. Then I scrolled down and looked the comments and one said, “Reading this article was exhausting, and the event sounded like a perfect downer.” Now there were only four comments and two of them were negative. Granted, she could have gone in a less forceful way, but who cares? The bottom line is that she was trying to do something good instead of taking the easy way out. The woman who wrote the article obviously worked hard trying to come up with good ideas to make it more eco-friendly. She probably spent more time planning for this party then she would have just going to the store and getting the cheapest, most convenient, first  thing she saw. Doesn’t that count for something? Apparently not to the rest of America who thinks that they are entitled to everything they ever even think of wanting.  We are not entitled to whatever we want. We have to take responsibility and start considering other people on the planet who suffer in some way or anther for our wasteful choices, which was a lesson the writer’s son needed to learn anyways. Anyways, those are my thoughts for now.

Here is the link, just in case you want to read the article and make your own opinion or even if you want to get some ideas for your next party.


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