Saturday Update

What a great day I had, dumpster diving wise. Considering that what I’ve found so far hasn’t really been too noteworthy lately, I’m still pretty easily excited when it comes to what I can find in the dumpster.

At the mall center where I usually find myself diving, my mom and I found hundreds of cards and envelopes. They seemed to be mostly thanksgiving themed cards, (I didn’t even know you sent people a card for Thanksgiving. Boy I’m behind on sending those out.) but there were some birthday, Christmas and etc. And the envelopes we could use for any occasion. We didn’t find any clothes, but in the Game Stop dumpster I found cases for some games which gives me hope that maybe someday I can actually find something besides boxes in there. We went to a Dollar General dumpster for no reason except for just plain fun. We found an Atari gaming console. It was new, but it looked similar to the ones made back in the day.  The only thing wrong with it is that one of the controller sticks broke. The top part would just set, but it wouldn’t connect to the bottom part that connected it to the control. As long as you didn’t hold it upside down it was fine. We decided to donate it. Some kid whose parents can’t afford a fancy Xbox or whatever might like to have it. We found a huge bag of dog food, laundry detergent, bleach, some little plastic baskets, the new version of Alice in Wonderland and The Wrestler. Both DVD’s work fine, but the laundry detergent and dog food had a hole. Since most of the stuff was still in the containers we asked our neighbor if she wanted it. She did and it was awesome. In the bottom of the dumpster there were rice crispy treats and various other junk food snacks. We couldn’t reach them, so we didn’t get them. I’m pretty thrilled with our finds even though most of it isn’t something that we use it’s still nice to be able to help other people.


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