Spring Break 2012 Part 2

I’m so sore, like I knew I would be. The thing about being sore is that once you are then if you keep being active it just gets worse until you finally let your muscles heal. That is what I’ll be doing today during the car ride Memphis.

Although I’m super-duper tired and sore I had an awesome day yesterday.

First I went horseback riding (Which is one of the major reasons I’m aching. I felt decent until I did that.) It was awesome and worth the pain. I rode a horse called Mr. California; he was a good horse. I rode with a family of four, a little girl, a mom, and another younger girl who rode with her dad.  I rode in the back and pretty much let my horse meander along. I don’t expect much from animals as long as they don’t try to kill me or destroy my belongings or in the horse’s case just get me left behind then I pretty much let them be. The dad in the group was a nice guy who had ridden horses before or does on a regular basis, but the other three, not so much. The older girl did well, the younger girl cried almost the whole way and the mom was just an idiot.

When we were sitting on our horses still in the stable, waiting for the rest of our group to be ready to go, she turned to me and said, “I used to like horses until I saw all of their bodily functions.”

She was already acting a little grossed out, so I knew she was going to be annoying, but then that just made me mad. They are living, breathing beings, so yeah they’re going to have ‘bodily functions’ unless they’re dead which means they would be living or breathing anyways. I hate when people act like that, like animals don’t have rights to just simply exist. I think Mr. California was tired of listening to her too because he just turned us away from her. I tried to block her out.

On the trail, I was in the back so I just let my horse meander. He knew what he was doing and I had no clue, so who am I to tell him what to do. The mom was right in front of me, so I heard every complaint. Animals to me are not property and they are not my slave. As long as my cats aren’t tearing things up, I let them do just about whatever. I don’t yell at them if they’re crying to loud or for cleaning themselves because I realize that’s what animals do. If I don’t like then I would get rid of them, simple as that. Anytime her horse would slow down she would yell at it or say something mean about it. My horse only slowed down on an even spot or on a rough hill. I would feel it slip and I would just pat it and tell it good job. It wasn’t its fault that it slipped, I’m sure he was doing the best he could while carrying such a heavy load on its back. I don’t know why she was being such a jerk. When the little girl started crying, Mr. California slowed down a little and I let him. I didn’t want to listen to her either. She was crying because she wanted ice cream for goodness sakes. After a while I felt we were falling a little too far behind, and since I don’t even like to do the little side kick and so I just told him to come on and he did. He was smart.

I guess I’m sounding a bit harsh, but I hate how people treat animals sometimes and I may be a bit hypocritical because I was also an idiot I’m sure.

I knew that probably hundreds of idiots rode him every day and I didn’t want to be like that, but seeing as I know nothing about riding, I’m sure I was doing something wrong. My feet kept slipping out of stirrups, so I had to fidget to get them straight and I’m sure I was not balanced either. I did my share of idiotic things, so the least I could do was try to be nice. I hope he understood.

It was a good ride for me all things considered, although less so for Mr. California I’m sure.

After that we went to Ripley’s Aquarium which was wicked awesome. I’ll post pictures of this too. There was a bunch of kid views that I kept getting in which was stupid because they were small and I had lay down on the floor to scootch in there. Some people were looking at me like I was an idiot, but I didn’t care. I never got to go places like that when I was kid, so I’m making for lost time. I’ve said before that I love water, but I also love fish. Sea World in Orlando was the only place I’ve been to, aquarium wise, that was better than this. You can’t really beat Sea World though. I mean it has dancing killer whales for goodness sakes.

We ate at the Hard Rock café which was fun.  The one in Gatlinburg is the only one that you can get married in. It was pretty cool. A lot of outgoing people work there. Then we went the Guinness World Record Museum. I love the book, but the museum not much. It was kind of lame and I was overwhelmed by the number of things I had to read in the short amount of time I had. I think I’ll stick with the book.

My dad and I rode the aerial tram. It took us up to a little mall thing with an ice skating rink. It was cool, but on the internet it said that it was a ski-lift that just took you back around. It was a nice surprise, but we didn’t know any of it was there, so we didn’t have time to do it. Ice skating freaks me out anyways. I also envision myself falling and then cutting my leg or something off with my skates.

My mom had stayed in the car (she doesn’t like heights) and she found that we were only 30 miles or so away from North Carolina and a place called Clingman’s Dome which is the highest part of the Smoky  Mountains. It was beautiful view (pictures coming later). I love, love, love the mountains. My mom says that if you ever stay in Tennessee stay on the Tenison side rather than the Gatlinburg side. She said its way prettier.

Then we went to get some ice cream and came back to the cabin to eat dinner. Ice cream before dinner; such healthy choices we make on vacation.


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