Spring Break 2012 Part 3

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So it’s back to reality. It’s Monday which sucks, but there are worse things…like being hit by a truck. I’m kidding, Monday is definitely worse than that. Okay, that’s a lie. Monday’s aren’t so bad unless you have to go to school. The good thing is I’m inspired. Inspired to make some serious changes in this town and motivated to get the ball rolling. How I’m going to do it, I have no idea, but I know that I’m going to. The bad news is that I’m afraid of failure and that has always kept me back from doing the things I really want to. I’m going to try to just plow right on through, but who knows what will become of it. I’ve got some pretty exciting things coming up in my life and the fact that spring break is over just means that I’m that much closer, so I at least have that to be happy about.

The other bad news, at least for animal haters who visit my blog, is that I visited a zoo. It would seem that every once in a while when I get to go to some kind of zoo I get super excited. It’s like a kid in a candy store and it’s quite annoying to those around me. I don’t know why I love animals so much, but I just do. As a result, I’m quite inspired by the animals and after I get some research done then I will be posting several animal related posts in a row. For some, my over zealousness may be annoying and for that I apologize. If I could control it I would, but I just can’t. Anyways, on to my last update on what I did for spring break.

On Friday we went to the Memphis Zoo. It was pretty cool, but I think it will probably be my last zoo. I always feel bad to see to all the animals in cages and whatnot, but I seem to be addicted to the animals. Before now I have always just ignored that voice in my head, but I’m listening to it about other things, so I might as well listen to about this too. For every trash can that was placed throughout the zoo there was a recycling can right beside it. That was actually the first place that I saw so many in one place. I was very happy to see them.

On Saturday we went to Graceland, Elvis’ mansion, and it was quite amazing. When I was younger my friend and used to be neighbor were huge fans of Elvis. At her house, I watched one of the movies that he was in and to be he seemed annoying. I can’t quite put a finger on why, but he just seemed too gregarious or portentous or something. Unlike what seems to be the majority of the female population, I don’t think he’s that cute either. I remember his hair being a reason for thinking that. I just didn’t get him or his songs. But then I went to his house and I listened to this little audio thing which told a lot about him and the house and my opinion of him was totally changed. He was only 22 when he got his break, but he had promised his parents that he would work to make his family’s life comfortable. He lived with his parents and grandparents (I think) in Graceland. He’s sold more records that anyone else ever and he wasn’t greedy with that money. He gave it to lots of different people who needed and charities. He bought cars for his friends and family. He was so generous and that made him so much more appealing. I heard him talk on the audio and it was such a relaxed and just such a kind voice. The second I heard his voice I already liked him a little more. You hear it the songs of course, but this was different. I always thought it was probably just a party boy like the celebrities today, but he really wasn’t. His music was good and although it’s not my favorite kind of music, it definitely beats most of the stuff made today. He was also his own producer. I really like that. He knew what he believed in and he wouldn’t let anyone tell him what to sound like. Later in life he dealt with stress and as a result, had some heart problems and he died from an overdose on prescription drugs. He was such a good guy it seemed and it’s a shame he had to die so suddenly. It’s safe to say that I have a lot more respect for him.

We also went to a civil rights museum. It was cool. Every time I had to do a research paper in middle school, I always chose to do it over Martin Luther King. He was such an inspirational guy and I really appreciated the way he saw the situation. He wanted change no doubt, but he was willing to wait for people for people to accept it instead of having to force it. He only wanted to peace, not acceptance through force. I also love that he figured out a way to stand up for what he believed in without doing it violently. No matter what white people did to him, he held his ground and he did it with grace. He was very wise and I wish that more people would take that approach when trying to change what they don’t like. He is still one of my role models and will continue to be probably until I die. He too had a very sad death. It really was a shame. Overall, I’ve had an amazing vacation and I’m sad that it’s over, but it is time for me to get to work.


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