The Best Worst Day Ever

Yesterday. Was the best worst day ever. Ever. You see, I have this cat, Cheerio is his name and about a week or so ago, he stayed out later than ever. We’ve had problems off and on with him not coming home at curfew and…let’s just say it makes us a little nervous. Then on Monday he goes ‘officially’ missing. My mom called and called, I fretted and worried until Wednesday. Then I started to cry. I never really thought he was dead, but I thought that someone may or may not have catnapped him, or we was stuck somewhere and my mom she thought he might be dead. None of our cats seemed to be worried. In the past, they seem to be able to sense these things and this was one of the reasons I hadn’t been reduced to an all-out meltdown, yet.

Anyways, yesterday morning he was still gone and I thought I would end up in a white roomed monstrosity if I didn’t do something, so what did I do? I went traipsing through these ‘woods’. They’re not really woods, I don’t think, but they’re pretty vast and woodsy so I’m calling them woods. These woods were on people’s property. At times I was literally walking through people’s backyard. I’m sure trouble would have been a consequence, but I didn’t really care. I walked through patches of thorns, swarms of mosquitoes, I’m very itchy now. Then I went to his other favorite place which is more like the grassland. It was quite an adventure to say the least. I even met some nice horses that sniffed me. It was kind of funny actually because I didn’t know he was there, I was looking around on the ground and then I looked up and he was in mid-chew just staring at me like I was completely nuts. I continued on my way and he followed me sniffing at my shirt. It was nice company.

After I got back, I got my graduation present in the mail. A new laptop, something I’ve wanted for forever. I was happy, but I felt guilty and couldn’t really enjoy it. It’s a pretty quick machine. I should be able to have these articles out twice as fast. Just kidding. I’m already going as fast as I can.

Then I had to run some errands which involved several people who had answered some questions incorrectly which involved me running on a wild goose chase to finally accomplish my goal. This was a huge convience, but it wouldn’t have been a huge deal, but I was stressed out about my cat and I was mad that I had to drive all around town because people don’t know how to do their job. And that wouldn’t have been a big deal either, but it just happens way too much. This seems to happen to me a lot and usually I can let it go, but this time it was just too much. I kept my cool, didn’t yell, didn’t even say that people need to learn to do their freakin job. I was very short with them though and I think I even heard them say something about it when I was leaving. I did say thank you and I tried to be as nice as I could. I used to work at K-mart, so I always try to be nice to people who work in those kind of crappy jobs, but this time it was too much.

After that, I put up some missing kitty signs, then came home, did some switching around on my computer tried not to freak out. Then I heard through the grapevine that this kid down the street saw a cat that looked like Cheerio the night before. Of course, kids aren’t always the most reliable source, but I felt good about it anyways.

Six o’clock comes, we’re working outside. Seven o’clock comes, nothing. Eight, nothing. Nine, nothing. Nine-thirty, I go to the closet in the hall to get some kind itch cream. Creak. I look out my bedroom window. I have a window air unit and the cats are always on there and it creaks. I don’t see anything, so I go back to what I was doing. Louder creak. I turn, nothing. Just as I turn to walk away, I see these reflective eyes, white…orange……………..and guess who it is? I run and get him, and he runs toward the door. He hesitates coming inside, the light seemed to be hurting his eyes. There was a big, giant bug trying to come in, I almost grabbed him, but he came in just in time.

One time, he came inside and had this huge gash on his chest. It was pretty deep, any deeper and guts may have been falling out. He didn’t really disappear that time, he came right home, but that’s what I kept feeling had happened. I thought maybe he was trapped. Other than some ticks (I loathe ticks) and some splotches of colored gunk, he seems to be physically alright. He’s extremely skinny (he was skinny before, but I can see his hip bones are very prominent now) and he’s seems a bit weird, skittish when it comes to somethings.  Maybe he is tired or just traumatized. He was starving and I put him in the garage to eat. We have five cats, some a little pigglier than others, so we have four bowls and he just went around and scarfed down food from each bowl.

So yes, that was my little tale. I slept like crap the night before last, so I’m still pretty exhausted, but I’m so relieved to have him back. I think we’re going to need a tracking devise of some kind cause I think that took fifteen years off my life and I’d really appreciate it if it didn’t happen again. I’m getting too old for this kind of stress, but I can’t imagine what he went through. Well, that’s my good news for the day. I hope you have an awesome day.


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