Shell is planning to drill in the arctic. Maybe you already knew this and maybe you didn’t. Greenpeac partnered with Yes, Lab and set up Arctic Ready, a fake website similar to Shell’s, and came up with Let’s Go fake ad campaign to protest Shell drilling in the Alaskan seas.

Shell’s focus is primarly on Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, which has an estimated 26 billion barrels of recoverable oil and 130 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

The site was set up about a month ago. I first saw an ‘ad’ about two weeks ago on another blog and it mentioned that it was a failed Shell campaign. That was a misconception because the site looks so similar to Shell’s website.

Greenpeace said that the campaign wasn’t very expensive compared some of the others they have put on. Arctic Ready was driven by supporters.

As part of the website, people were allowed to create their own ‘ads’. Some people were furious about being lied to, but even after the news got out that it was a hoax there were hundreds of ‘ads’ still being made.

I got this from part of an article on Forbes:

Kash: What about the backlash, those who see this as impersonation — and a violation of trademark law — rather than parody, such as those calling you villains?

Nichols: What is a hoax? The idea of a hoax is a group that says it’s something that it’s not. Shell saying it can safely drill in the Arctic and abide by clean air rules and environmental standards is a hoax. Shell is not doing that. Note the rig getting away from it. People wringing their hands over what is an obviously satirical campaign that rubs them the wrong way for a few seconds before they realize it’s fake pales in comparison with what Shell is doing, the hoax they’re perpetuating on the American public. It’s a creative campaign and we’re giving our supporters a voice to tell Shell what they think.

“Arctic Ready” is Shell’s motto. All we’ve done is take their facts and highlighted them. It’s identity correction. It’s important that you don’t lie. You take the facts and put them out without Shell’s spin. They’ve greenwashed their page. We’ve done the opposite. We took the language they used and flipped it. Instead of saying we’re environmentally friendly, we made it that Shell’s excited to do this crazy stuff in the Arctic. And I’m sure they are. We’re just heightening that part of it. It’s like in Spinal Tap where they turn the amp to 11.

My thoughts on this are that this is pretty genius; I especially like the ‘ad’ idea because everyone had a voice in it. I do wish that some where on the site it had said clearly that it was made by Greenpeace or not an official Shell site. That way they could just blame people for their own misconceptions. However, if you take a look around, you can see where Nichols was talking about taking Shell’s fluffy words and making them into the truth. When I first saw the site and didn’t yet know that it was a spoof, I kept thinking, ‘Gosh, it sure is weird that Shell is saying this. They must be really confident that America won’t care enough to make a difference.’ I was skeptical, but I thought that Shell probably knew enough about America’s love affair with cheap, convenient, available gas. Sadly, that actually seems to be the case because it still plans to drill and the most recent article I found, which is 5 days old, said they’re not even going to sue.

Recently, they have started shutting down Shell gas stations in the UK.

I think both of these things are great, but  I like when people stand up for what they believe. It’s something that rarely happens, so when it does, no matter what I usually like it. I like the gas station idea less because it’s forcing their beliefs on others, but if people would stop being so selfish, people wouldn’t need to take such drastic measures.

As far as the ad campagin goes, I think it’s awesome. You can look at the gallery here.  They had a contest winner, but you’re still welcome to make ads. There are 367 pages, last time I checked. I didn’t go through them all, but here are my favorites:

There isn’t a whole lot of hands on approaches for this problem, but the best thing you can do is stop buying gas from Shell. If it’s not them, it will probably be somebody else, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

There are several petitions going around. The decision isn’t up to Shell, but up to Obama and the EPA, so that’s who the petitions are addressed to. Here is a link to one, but there are several others.

Education is important too. Research this problem and why it’s such a big deal. Tell your friends and anyone else who will listen. Let’s GO!

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