Teens Turning Green

Just as a random fact that I learned on the news today, microbats eat 200 million tons of insects each night. We only recycle 45 million tons of paper each year according to the EPA.  Isn’t that crazy? One bat is outworking our efforts for a year in one night. If you don’t believe it, check it out. SAVE THE BATS PEOPLE!

That’s really wasn’t what I was going to talk about, but I thought you should know. And I actually don’t have a lot to say anyway.

I found a site that aims to help students transition from conventional thinking to a more conscious mindset. It’s called Teens Turning Green and I stumbled onto it because I found a internet advertisement featuring a Go Green 30 day challenge for students.

I don’t usually do these because I have a conscience that never lets me off the hook, so once I’m in, I’m in and I keep that in mind before I agree to do things. I guess its part of the challenge is being challenged, but you just never know. Anyway, as soon as I saw the flier I knew I wanted to do it, no second thoughts. I was hoping to find some more information, but there weren’t a whole lot of examples of what the daily requirements would be, all I know is that they’ll be different each day. I just knew it would help me find out what else I could be doing every day, so I decided it would be worth it.

I know I can do it because I’ve already faced one of my biggest fears and that was to get a bike and ride it school. I was afraid for many reasons. One was I didn’t know if I was in good enough shape to even make it to school. There’s nothing more embarrassing than people being able to see me struggle. There were a couple of hills each way and I didn’t know if I would be able to make it and there would be nothing more embarrassing than sitting in the middle of it, huffing and puffing like an out of shape loser. To be honest, I got there fine, but I had to stop coming back. And yeah, that sucks, but hopefully I’ll get stronger. And now I’ll have to because my parking permit expired for the parking spaces that are actually on campus are sold out and all the other parking spaces are so far away that I might as well just walk from home. Yep, newbie mistake. I’m a loser, but I’ll be one in good shape by the end of the semester. I was also afraid because I thought was going to die from being hit by a car or a heart attack. I’m not writing this from beyond, so I guess it’s safe to say I’ve had a few successful rides. My third reason I was afraid was because I didn’t want to be in school all smelly, sweaty and crazy hair, but to be honest the bike ride add the perfect texture to my beach waves. I sweat a lot because it’s a 100 degrees or more, but that’s just the smell of success, people.

The idea of riding a bike terrified me for many reasons, but I got a bike and rode it several times. I know that if I can do that I can do almost anything. I’ve got until Oct. 1 to second guess, but I already signed it. It’s a done deal.

Anyway, the challenge is 30 days long. It’s aimed at students, but anybody can do it or at least look at the site. It’s pretty cool and has different tips and changes you can make without signing away your soul. I recommend at least checking out the site, but I strongly encourage you to challenge yourself.

That’s my spiel. You can do it. When you start to doubt just remember that someone else is struggling with you and someone believes in you. Good luck!

2 responses to “Teens Turning Green

  1. It’s the microbats that eat all the bugs. Unfortunately they are in a bit of strife with a fungus that causes white nose syndrome wiping out thousands, if not millons, of them along the east coast of the US and up into Canada

    • Oh, thanks! That’s really sad that it’s happening to them. I thought I’ve heard something about regular bats being in trouble because of pesticide use. I wish people would realize how important these kinds of organisms are and stop doing things that kill them. Thanks for the comment!

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