Magical Bikes

In case you’re not interested in the whole taking a week just to mod podge a crappy ol’ bike, but you still want to make the world a cleaner place and save some cash then I may know of something that will interest you.

A magic bike. A bike that not only doesn’t give off emissions, but actually removes them the air. A bike that you could throw away, guilt free and without taking up any space in the landfill. A bike made from…bamboo. That’s right. Bamboo.

The organic bamboo is grown Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. All the other materials used are recycled and to bind the everything together Marty Odlin, founder of The Bamboo Bike Studio in New York City, hardens the fibers with flame treatment, glues the tubes together, and binds each joint, wrapping them in epoxy-soaked hemp that hardens.

Bamboo, which grow a meter a day in the better scenarios (something I’m pretty sure aluminum and steel don’t do), is known for its strength and flexibility and is said to be as strong as light steel. The bamboo absorbs the vibrations of the road and grows up to a meter a day.

The only catch is that one of the reasons to ride a bike that I talked about does not apply here. And that reason is that you don’t have get a loan to get a bike, but this bike cost $10,000. Or you could build your own for $699. I do have to appreciate the magical carbon absorbing aspect, but I think I may have to be satisfied with meager $80 reloved bicycle.–riding-a-bike-made-of-grass

If spending $10,000 for something that doesn’t even have air conditioning (although I must say sometimes, depending on how hot it is, the wind can make a lovely air conditioner) then maybe the cardboard bike may be more up your alley. Yes, a cardboard bike.

And it has its own kind of magic. Three engineers told the creator Izhar Gafni that something like this couldn’t be done. And they definitely didn’t think it could carry around a 485 pound person. And the best thing is that it’s only $90.

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