GMO study

I’m running behind on my blogging. For the moment, I no longer have time to do all the research that it takes to keep up this blog. The problem is that I’m learning about things that I can’t be silent about. This happens to be one of them. So I’m going to try something different. I often stumble onto these things, so as I learn about them I’ll give you a link. You can check it out if you wish. Sometimes this will come with a picture. Today it comes with a video.

Watch it. You decide what you believe. Do the extra research to figure out both sides of the argument. Remember that more money than we can count is involved in these controversial cases, so there’s a lot at stake to make something look better or worse than it is. All I can say is this video is pretty damning evidence.

2 responses to “GMO study

  1. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion that eating plant material that has been modified to take up 100 times more Glyphosate (Roundup ) from it’s environment, than would previously been required to kill that plant, isn’t particularly desirable in your diet. Monsanto is quite literally poisoning anyone who ingests any of it’s roundup ready crops.

    • Yes. I’ve looked at the situation from every possible angle that my small brain can think of and I can not figure out what kind of logic it must take for people to think GMOs, even the ones designed for drought resistance and not actually to kill pests, could be a good idea. The fact that they’re not even labeled blows my mind. I have posted this video and several different sites and no one even cares. Thank you for your comment.

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