GMO Kick

I’ve been reading a lot about food lately and how much are farming practices, eating habits and thoughtlessness when throwing away food really affects our environment. I talked about the meat industry thinking that, that was all I wanted to talk about food, but it still keeps coming up in my mind, so I guess I’m going to start listening. Right now it’s time to talk about Genetically Modified Organisms.

Some of you may have seen my lovely video about the research of their affects. You can see Monsanto’s response.

Scientists have been working on creating these things since the 1900. Monsanto was created in 1901 and is known for it’s production of Agent Orange, DDT, PCBs, and dioxin. The discovery of DNA wasn’t discovered until 1953, so I can’t imagine that they were doing anything extremely productive or even knew what the heck they were doing until then. Even then they were mad enough to just start poking around without an thought for the repercussions.

In 1973, some scientists came up with genetic engineering, which led to DNA cloning, an important aspect in making GMOs. In 1980, the GMO experiments were well underway and corporations were already applying for patents. Think about this. They have patents. Patents something found in nature, like corn. They have altered the DNA for something found in nature so much that they need a patent for it.  People can’t own corn. Corn is the earth, it’s not our to own, but yet they own DNA to make the corn.

Supposedly, GMOs went through extensive testing to make sure they were healthy for consumption. They were approved by the FDA in the 1990s.

Antibiotic resistant tobacco was the first crop to be introduced.

The first GMO food crop to be introduced were tomatoes. Their special powers were the ability to be firmer than the average tomato.

In 1998, the European Union demands GMO food must be labeled. Australia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Russia followed in 2000 by passing laws requiring labels. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan required special labeling. And many countries have completely banned GMOs or have suspended their use until the full environmental and health effects of these crops can be better researched.

If you notice, America is no where in any of these categories. Communists care more about the health of their people than our government that is supposed to be working for the people, that is decided by the people.

In 2000, the percentage of countries producing GMOs were:

  • United States – 68%
  • Argentina – 23%
  • Canada – 7%
  • China – 1%

Roughly 95 percent of all soybeans and 80 percent of all corn grown in the U.S.

Monsanto made promises to feed the world and one after the other those promises are falling through.

Not surprisingly, these ‘crops’ are killing insects, amphibians, birds and GMO crops are eliminating habitat for monarch butterflies, whose populations are down 50% in the US. Roundup herbicide has been shown to cause birth defects in amphibians, embryonic deaths and endocrine disruptions, and organ damage in animals even at very low doses. And you may have heard that they’re supposedly creating superweeds. This article goes on and on about the havoc Monsanto is wreaking, knowingly, and not taking accountability for. Please check it out. And interestingly enough, there was a leap in obesity around the time these GMOs came out. Of course, high fructose corn syrup and palm oil also came out about this time, but its interesting just the same.

You can find more statistics here This site breaks down the European laws for GMOs and GMO products. It would probably only be helpful for Europeans.

Luckily, here is the one for North America.

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