How To Be Less Dependent On Gas

I hope that by now I’ve said something to get you at least thinking about trying to use less gas or maybe even determined to use less gas.

Our dependency on gas is just one more weakness that we need to get rid of. It makes us lazy because we walk less and sit more. It keeps separated from our environment because we always have our metal bubble protecting us from the weather, animals, people and the beauty of nature. And it just releases tons of carbon emissions.

The average American uses 500 gallons of gas each year. Compare that to our neighbor, Canada, whose citizens use an average of 310 gallons each year. I know we’re Americans and it’s our right to pollute the planet as much as possible because we ‘earned’ it and all that, but geez, these numbers just seem ridiculous. I also want to show you this lovely graphic, which quickly put it in perspective.

This is a graph showing how much gas we use compared to other countries

No one is really saying it, but Sandy is probably the best indicator of our need to change. Some scientists are saying it’s too late. I’m thinking it probably is, but only because I know that everyone won’t change their habits in a day or even two and that’s what would have to happen. For now, I’ll just be satisfied for the small changes we can make.

Here is a list of 101 ways to use less gas. Everyone, every single one, of us can surely find something on this list.

It includes everything from fueling up in the mornings or evenings, when it’s cooler and the gas evaporates less, to planning all of your shopping to one trip, so you don’t go out a hundred times in one night.

I’ve decided that I am going to take the 2 mile challenge. According to the site, 40 percent of urban travel is two miles or life. I find that a lot of the time this is true. Usually, I ride to school every day, which is 2.5 miles, unless I have to go somewhere after school that isn’t within another mile from the house. I’m going to try to extend that to two. Wish me some strength if you ever find that you have a little extra.

2 responses to “How To Be Less Dependent On Gas

    • Yeah, that was pretty disappointing. When it comes to the environment it seems like we take a few steps forward and then four times that many back. And climate change didn’t seem like it was contributing factor in the news coverage of Sandy. I heard of it maybe a few times, but not enough.

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