Hello, I’m serendipitous scavenger and welcome to my blog.  I’m a full-time college student working on getting a journalism degree, but I’m also a scavenger. This blog is, for the most part, about consumerism and how it affects our environment. Everything we buy from the food that we eat, to the things that we wear and put on ourselves, to the energy that we burn has an effect on the environment. Through this blog I try to point out the consequences of our careless actions and how we can minimize the effects, which is where the dumpster diving and the DIY page come in. That page is about the ways that I take what I find from dumpster diving and repurpose it and give it a new life. I’ll step-by-step instructions and pictures, so you too can join in helping end the mass consumerism epidemic and create less waste in the environment. Sometimes I will talk about the benefits of dumpster diving whether it be good for the earth, good for budgets, or just to take back some of our control from government and large corporations.  There will probably be an additional rant every now and again.  For a more complete overview of the topics I’ll be talking about in my blog, read my first post The Starting Line


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  1. hi, thanks for following me via your other blog which I think is now finished… I look forward to seeing what other amazing things you can produce through DIY and upcycling 🙂

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