Bottle Cap Lockets

I really like this project and I hope that you like it to. If you have any questions let me know.

So, you need:

6 bottle caps (Your first one may not work out, mine sure didn’t, so just in case I’m advising four bottle caps and  two to put JB weld in) You don’t need to buy these at a craft store. Just go to a bar and ask if you have some and they’ll fix you up. It may take you a couple of trips, but you’ll get them.

Aluminum can

An 1 ½ long nail

A guitar string- if you go to a music store and say you’re doing an art project they give it to you.

6 guitar strings with ball ends- these are the ends of certain guitar strings. I’m not sure if electric and acoustic guitars use these or just some kinds of both, but the music store should give you these too. Again, it may take a couple of trips or just call in advance and ask them to save you some.


JB Weld

Two used plastic spoon handles

Round Nose Pliers and Heavy Duty Wire Cutters (not pictured)

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