Polka Dot Hanging Jewelry Organizer

You need:

A frame- if you want to do the polka dot effect then try to find some thicker frames. Mine are made from baseboards that I found while I was garage saleing. Just for the record, they were not for sale, but I saw them in the dumpster and I asked if I could have them. After an odd look she let me have them. If you’re not lucky enough to happen upon some baseboards then a frame from a thrift store would work or if your handy with wood then you could make your own.

Bottle caps- it will depend on how big your frame is, but I used 18 for my 8 x 10 frame. If you go ask restaurants they’ll usually give you some if they have them. It may take a couple times; persistence is key.

Spray paint-whatever color you want

Sandpaper- the spray paint doesn’t stick very well to the caps unless you sand them first. I’m not sure what kind I used, but it was pretty coarse.

Nails and Hammer- However many you want- I used 20

Hot glue and stapler

A fruit net bag- I’ve seen them used as bags for oranges and other types of fruit.


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Bottle Cap Flowers

I personally love this project. It was an experience for sure to get a complete, satisfactory product, but I’m pretty happy with how the last ones turned out.  There are two ways to do it. The only difference is whether you have a tin can lid.

 For the First Way You Need:

A tin can lid- the one I used was 3 inches wide

16 bottle caps

JB Weld- you can find it in the automotive department of Wal-Mart. There is a picture of what look like below.


A fork (optional) and 2 Heineken bottle caps

JB Weld

Step 1

Step 1-With a pair of pliers, pull a side of the bottle cap out, I will refer to this part as the pulled out edge. There will probably be a little bit of bump on the underside, but try to make it as flat as you can. Fold the rest of the sides down as shown in the picture, I will refer to these sides as the folded down sides. Leave an unfolded bottle cap for the middle. This picture is of the front side, but I will make a lot of references to the underside which is just the opposite side.

Step 2

Step 2- For the first row, I needed 9 caps, but I think that I had enough extra room for one more. Mix up the separate JB Weld liquids together with something and in something you don’t mind throwing away. You only can do a layer at a time, so just mix up a little at a time. Squeeze out about a little smaller than a dime should do. Dab a little JB Weld on the backside of the edge that you pulled out and then lay the cap on the edge of the can. The edge of the pulled out part should lay just on the innermost raised edge of the tin can as show in the picture. I had the ends of plastic spoons to put under the bottle caps to keep them from falling down. It takes at least five hours for the Weld to dry.

Step 3

I didn’t take a picture of this next part. Step 3- The middle row has six bottle caps in it. The side that you pulled out flat now needs to be pulled back a little farther towards the underside. Put the Weld on the tip of the pulled out edge and about half way up on the underside and then place it about halfway down the first row. Where you should place them is represent by the picture. Let it dry.

Step 4

Step 4- Dab the liquid weld on the very rim of the unfolded bottle cap and then place it in the middle.

Step 5 (optional)

Step 5 (optional)- put weld on the handle of a fork and place in the middle of the backside of the flower. Fold the two Heineken bottles like the petals and then weld it to the ‘stem’ of the flower. I have the weld bottles there to support the leaves.

Garden Stake

Here is what it looks like after all the steps are complete.

For the Alternative Method You Need:

13 bottle caps

JB Weld- you can find it in the automotive department of Wal-Mart. There is a picture of what look like below.


Optional – A fork and 2 Heineken bottle caps

Alternate Step 1

Step 1 (alternative)- With a pair of pliers pull out all sides of one bottle cap. This will be the center of your flower. For the other 12 bottle caps, pull one side of the bottle cap out. There will probably be a little bit of bump on the underside, but try to make it as flat as you can. Fold the rest of the sides down, For the center cap pull out all the sides as shownin the picture.

Alternate Step 2

Alternate Step 2- Dab some JB Weld on the inside edge of six bottle caps that you folded and then glue it to the flattened part of the center bottle cap as shown in the picture. Then let it dry.

Alternate Step 3

Alternate Step 3- Then add six bottle caps onto the outside layer. This was my first project and I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing. I only used six bottle caps on the outside layer, but I’m sure you could probably use more. Read the optional step 5 of the first method to see how to put on the stem and leaves.

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Plastic Spoon Flowers

So, this is first spoon project that I mentioned not too long ago. I tried this project again and it still didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but I think it’s because I’m using thicker spoons and not just because I’m completely incompetent. I still think it’s a good DIY, so I’m going to post it and when I get some different spoons then I’m going to post my results.

Things You Need:

Plastic Spoons




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Vinyl Record Clock

If you have any questions about something I didn’t cover then feel free to leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Pick Punch

With this pick punch, you can make picks out of old credit cards or gift cards. You can use them for decorations, but the also really function as guitar picks.

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