Polka Dot Hanging Jewelry Organizer

You need:

A frame- if you want to do the polka dot effect then try to find some thicker frames. Mine are made from baseboards that I found while I was garage saleing. Just for the record, they were not for sale, but I saw them in the dumpster and I asked if I could have them. After an odd look she let me have them. If you’re not lucky enough to happen upon some baseboards then a frame from a thrift store would work or if your handy with wood then you could make your own.

Bottle caps- it will depend on how big your frame is, but I used 18 for my 8 x 10 frame. If you go ask restaurants they’ll usually give you some if they have them. It may take a couple times; persistence is key.

Spray paint-whatever color you want

Sandpaper- the spray paint doesn’t stick very well to the caps unless you sand them first. I’m not sure what kind I used, but it was pretty coarse.

Nails and Hammer- However many you want- I used 20

Hot glue and stapler

A fruit net bag- I’ve seen them used as bags for oranges and other types of fruit.


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Bottle Cap Magnet Board

Depending on big you want your frame to be, you may need a lot of bottle caps for this project. I used a 16 x 20 frame and I used around 221 bottle caps. If you need bottle caps visit me at http://www.etsy.com/shop/serendipitysscavenge and if you let me know that you’re from my blog then I’ll give you free shipping.

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Mod Podge Frame

All book lovers, who are probably appalled that any one would tear up a book, I come in peace. I love books too and I would never tear one up that wasn’t already ruined. The books I used in this project had water damage and were hardly readable.

Mod podge is an extremely popular method of updating something old into something that reflects you and your style. It seems well known through out the DIY community, but since I’m not a life long DIYer, I wasn’t quite sure what I was doing at first. It’s pretty easy and doesn’t really warrant a tutorial, but I decided to write it anyways, just in case there are any more people like me out there wanting to give it a try. You can pretty much mod podge anything with any kind of paper material. Anyways, have fun!

Things you’ll need:

Plenty of paper materials

Frame (or anything else you want to mod podge)

Mod Podge- can find it at any craft store

A Brush or Sponge

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