Polka Dot Hanging Jewelry Organizer

You need:

A frame- if you want to do the polka dot effect then try to find some thicker frames. Mine are made from baseboards that I found while I was garage saleing. Just for the record, they were not for sale, but I saw them in the dumpster and I asked if I could have them. After an odd look she let me have them. If you’re not lucky enough to happen upon some baseboards then a frame from a thrift store would work or if your handy with wood then you could make your own.

Bottle caps- it will depend on how big your frame is, but I used 18 for my 8 x 10 frame. If you go ask restaurants they’ll usually give you some if they have them. It may take a couple times; persistence is key.

Spray paint-whatever color you want

Sandpaper- the spray paint doesn’t stick very well to the caps unless you sand them first. I’m not sure what kind I used, but it was pretty coarse.

Nails and Hammer- However many you want- I used 20

Hot glue and stapler

A fruit net bag- I’ve seen them used as bags for oranges and other types of fruit.


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