New Year’s Resolutions

I always find myself being strangely optimistic when the New Year comes around.  It seems like most people I know never seem to keep their promises to themselves and that makes me kind of sad.  I think I’m pretty good about keeping my resolutions, but that didn’t start till after I stopped making those promises like ‘I’m going to make all A’s this year,’ or something else stupid that I really didn’t care about.  I’ve always been a B average student and although I’ve tried to change that, I just don’t care enough to really put in the effort.  I think that’s why most people don’t have make through the year, or even a week, without breaking their resolutions. They don’t pick anything they really care about or choose to change something they really despise about themselves; instead they come up with something stupid just to say they have one.  And by the way, somebody told me they didn’t have one and it just made me crazy.  Everyone should have something that they want to change about themselves or just the environment they’re in.  There is not a place you can go that doesn’t have so much work that needs to be done and people should not be content with mediocrity.  That being said, there many things that I hate about myself and I’m taking this year to address a few.

  1. I’m going to work towards running a 5k. I’ve already been working on this for a few months and I’m only a week 3 of the training program I have.  With a record like that I’m sure that it will take me to the end of the year to complete the program, so I’m giving myself that year so I don’t put too much pressure on myself which will result in me giving up.
  2. I’m going to be writing this blog.  I’ve always wanted to say something important, have people listen and then those people apply it to their lives.  I’m a writer by nature and I’ve always wanted to do something to change the things I keep complaining about. I’ve always complained because I didn’t ever know what I could do about it, but now I do so I’m going to quit complaining and do something to change it.
  3. I’m going to Recycle, Upcycle and repurpose. It has become my mission in life to inspire to people to repurpose the junk they feel needs to be thrown away.  If not repurpose because it is a lot of work, then at least recycle. Most community recycle centers take things such as plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum, metal and so on.  Most Best Buys recycle pretty much any electronics, all you have to do is call and ask them what stuff they take and pray that you don’t get some loser who has no idea what they are talking about.  Dumpster diving will be my means of making most of my upcycled crafts. Although I won’t find all of what I need, I will make a point not to buy anything new. I will by whatever else I need a thrift store or flea market.
  4. I want to find a place to volunteer. Although I’m a full time student,  I only work as a correspondent (freelance) at my local paper which means I write about one article a week, so that give me plenty of time to donate to people who need it.  I’ve tried volunteering at an adult literacy place, but they said I was too young to identify with the people I would be teaching. Yeah, I thought it was stupid. They have sign that I read every time I go into the library that says ‘Want to change a life? Volunteer’ and then they say I’m too young.  It’s unfortunate, but I’ve found a couple of other places like that, so I’m going to call and ask what they’re age limit is for people who can ‘change a life’.

Those are my resolutions, feel free to tell me yours through message or leave a comment below.


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