Hummingbird Feeder DIY

Hummingbirds, actually all birds, are quite delightful. I’ve never had an interest in birds. I didn’t not like them, I just thought, ‘oh, there’s a bird.’ Now I think ‘THERE’S A BIRD! AWWW…’  Caring about the environment has given me a whole new perspective. It’s quite nice. Most of the time. Anyway, back to the point. Because hummingbirds are so delightful, here is a feeder DIY, so that you can appreciate them and take care of their habitat. NOTE: It may take a couple of weeks for the hummingbird to the nectar and start showing up. Change the nectar once a week.

You will need:

A pop bottle, preferably red but I don’t know if there is such a thing. If you know of one let me know.

14- 20 spoons- again preferably red.  We used spoons from various other places like Cherry Berry, which  has red and pink, and other ice cream or frozen yogurt places. The point of upcycling is to use trash. I’m going to ask that you don’t go out and buy red spoons. Use ones that have already been used. Yeah, it sounds gross, but that is what soap is for.

A red lid- if you don’t have red spoons then get a flimsy red lid like one that are on gas stations to-go cups or even one of those metal peanut jar lids. Not something hard like peanut butter lids.

A candle, not a tea light

Hot glue gun


A feeding tube– these you are allowed to buy.

A chain- my aunt had hanging plant pots that she was going to make into a chair pot and she didn’t need the chains any more so we used those. You could probably use any kind of chain.
Hummingbird Nectar

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Plastic Spoon Flowers

So, this is first spoon project that I mentioned not too long ago. I tried this project again and it still didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted, but I think it’s because I’m using thicker spoons and not just because I’m completely incompetent. I still think it’s a good DIY, so I’m going to post it and when I get some different spoons then I’m going to post my results.

Things You Need:

Plastic Spoons




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Good Morning

There is nothing more life-shattering then being woken up by a screaming alarm clock. I can think of nothing worse than being scared awake. How can it be good for anyone to wake up such a disgruntling way. People should be able to wake up naturally and more peacefully than that. It would make their morning better, their day better and all the sucky things that happen to them over the course of the day would be much less unpleasant.

That’s why I’m glad that I didn’t get woken up by an alarm clock this morning. I seem to have gotten the perfect amount of sleep and I woke up on my own three minutes before my alarm went off. And I feel great. I never feel good in the mornings, and really I never feel quite awake until like 9 at night and then it’s time to go to bed again. It’s all very frustrating.  If I ever wake up on my own it’s like at 4 in the morning and then I get very productive and get all this work done , but then right when it’s time for me to get up then I get super tired and I start to crash. So yes, this morning I feel fabulous and although I do have a statistics test that I’m not feeling too confident about, I’m planning on not letting that ruin my day.

Anyways, I’ve been working on my first project with my plastic spoons and it didn’t go so well. I think I have figured out what I did wrong, so after I gather some more spoons, I guess I’ll try again.

I seem to have the personality for this DIY stuff, if I had the skills to go with it, it would certainly help me out. I have the perseverance to keep repeating the same project when it doesn’t work out the first time, or the second, and I also have the determination to conquer each project no matter how long it takes. When I first started this DIY stuff, it was more of a frustration than anything. If I didn’t get it right the first time, then I would feel like a complete loser and like I should just save myself the trouble and quit, but I still kept working. Determination has always been a compensation for the failureish qualities in me. Quitting has never really been an option. Now it feels like more of a fun challenge to get it right the first time.  And when I don’t succeed, such as this time, it’s frustrating because I want to be able to move on, but I don’t feel like the world will end just because I have to start over. Whether I like it or not, this DIY stuff is pretty good at loosening up my uptight personality.

So yes, this is my post for this morning and I hope you guys have a fabulous morning too!


I have completely given up on trying to learn in statistics class. It’s so chaotic. Everyone is asking questions or trying to answer them and my teacher doesn’t explain things very well. I’ve had a lot of bad math teachers, so fortunately I have been able to adapt and learned to teach myself. What’s sad is I have more blog posts written in this notebook then notes for this class. Anyways, yesterday I went dumpster diving. Twice. The first time I was looking for plastic spoons in Cherry Berry’s outside trash can for a set of projects I’m going to be working on for the next month or so. The main reason I picked Cherry Berry was because they had a trash can right outside their door and it’s pretty small, so I can find what I want pretty easily. I have found that a lot of people use plastic cutlery. It’s annoying that people’s laziness is what is destroying our planet. People waste money to get the gas to then waste more money to buy plasticware, just so they don’t have wash a couple of dishes. Convenience is picked above all else. The cheapest silverware set was a set to serve four people and it was 16 dollars. 100 Great Value plastic spoons were $2.68. If you had four people, you could start saving money in approximately 75 days and you could save your great-grand kids a whole lot more. Bottom line, buy some silverware, it last quite a bit longer.

I can’t force people care, but I can give them the facts and show people what they can do besides throw them away.

The second time I went dumpster diving was in the privacy of my own back yard. Now, it’s possible that what I did crossed the line into crazytown, but that’s okay because I think people who throw away a brand new pair of shoes are crazy too. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go round.

Anyways, our neighbor is moving out. As everyone who has ever moved some time in their life knows, anything that we can spare gets thrown away. So my mom and I wheeled their dumpster to our backyard and started going through it. This is our destination into crazytown. We found a pottery wheel, a brand new pair of shoes, a pair of kid’s shoes, one of fake fancy purse things (I don’t pay attention to fashion, but I know those super expensive brands have replicas that will sell for cheaper), the purse had like 15 cents in it too, a plastic train set, water color paints, some blankets, bottle lids and some boxes. It had other stuff, but those are what I kept. The purse, shoes and blankets will be donated and the pottery wheel I’ll probably take apart or donate.